About us

Euro Automatics is a leading supplier of automatic sliding door operator kits. We provide sliding door operator kits for all your needs including commercial, industrial and government sector needs.

We supply and support automatic micro-processor control technologies and automated sub-assembly modules.

Using innovative, intelligent and cutting-edge technologies and relying on industry experience, Euro’s aims to provide you with a safe, reliable and modern entrance solution for your needs.

We provide sliding door operator kits for all your needs

Over 12 years of automatic door excellence with the finest automatic sliding door operating systems

Versatile, reliable and powerful Automatic Sliding Door Operating Systems

A complete package which saves you money

High tech motion brilliance sensors and control devices

Prevention from opening or closing on someone and causing an injury

Smooth Operations and reliability for years

Limited Ongoing maintenance

Slimline sizes for discreet installations only 81.25mm

Can be used with a range of activation and safety devices

2 million times opening and shutting tests have demonstrated suitability for heavy duty

Silent movement when opening and closing

All our products are designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements of BS-EN16005

All our products are designed for simplicity so that they are easy to install

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